Social Change and Everyday Life

European Research Council Grant “Social Change and Everyday Life” (SCaEL), 339703 - Principal Investigator: Jonathan Gershuny
€2.5 million for April 2014—March 2019

British Academy, "The Importance of the Everyday: Young People's Use of Time and Its Impacts on Their Life Trajectory" PDF/PF130010, award holder Evrim Altintas
£180,000 for October 2013-September 2015

This programme has 10 sub-projects, which fall into three groups of studies, which, collectively, model the activity sequences that constitute everyday life.

Micro Studies (individual activity sequencing, work and leisure through the Turing Machine, network analysis of household activity, embodied capital accumulation and social position, long-term consequences of daily time-use patterns)

Macro Studies (inequality, work-leisure balance, national accounts of wellbeing)

Conceptualisation and Measurement of Time-Use (long-term time-use estimation, instantaneous utility measurement)