Completed projects


  • New Frontiers for Time Use Research (2019-2021) (ESRC grant) funded the development of innovative time use data collection methods and of improvements to the MTUS, including development of the MTUS-X in IPUMS, as well as projects on time-diary-based national accounts
  • Collecting New Time Use Resources (2014-2019) - Over this 5-year ESRC-funded Centre Grant project CTUR core members published 40 peer-reviewed papers or chapters (including journals such as Review of Income and WealthSocial ForcesSociologyEuropean Sociological ReviewPlos1 and Nature), as well as collecting the UK Time Use Survey of 2014/15 (grant ES/L011662/1)
  • Social Change and Everyday Life (2014-2019) This large 3-year ERC-funded project had 10 sub-projects, falling into three groups of studies: micro, macro and theoretical, which, collectively, model the activity sequences that constitute everyday life (ERC grant number 339703)
  • Developing the Centre for Time Use Research (2008-2014) – This 5-year ESRC grant funded core CTUR data, methodological and substantive activities, developing from the previous Daily Life and Social Change grant (grant RES-060-25-0037)
  • Daily Life and Social Change (2003-2008) was a wide-ranging project, funded by the ESRC, that developed a large number of substantive and methodological research topics related to time use (grants RES-000-23-TO704 and RES-000-23-TO704-A).
  • Time Allocation Among Couples - developed a data set using paired time use diaries from both partners in couples from the United Kingdom, and analysed how couples interacted and allocated household tasks.
  • Breastfeeding and Time Use - This project examined the effects of breastfeeding and time use, not only on children, but also on mothers and employers.