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Analysing time use data


In collaboration with the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, we have created three Stata Do files that can be used to:

1. Create new variables (duration of and participation in activities)

2. Time diary quality indicators

3. Instantaneous enjoyment variables. 

Key studies

A short history of time use research: implications for public health

Bauman A, Bittman M, Gershuny J


Testing Self-Report Time-Use Diaries against Objective Instruments in Real Time

Gershuny J, Harms T, Doherty A, Thomas E, Milton K, Kelly P, Foster C

Using time use diaries to track changing behavior across successive stages of COVID-19 social restrictions

Sullivan O, Gershuny J, Sevilla A, Foliano F, Vega-Rapun M, Lamote de Grignon J, Harms T, Walthery P

A validation study of the Eurostat harmonised European time use study (HETUS) diary using wearable technology

Harms T, Gershuny J, Doherty A, Thomas E, Milton K, Foster C

Cultural stratification in the UK: Persistent Gender and Class differences in Cultural Voraciousness

Katz-Gerro T and Sullivan O

Anticipation of work-life conflict in higher education by:

Susana Pasamar (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain)

Karen Johnston (University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth Business School, Portsmouth, UK)

Jagriti Tanwar (Centre for Time-Use Research, IOE-University College, Bloomsbury, London)

Time use diary design for our times - an overview, presenting a Click-and-Drag Diary Instrument (CaDDI) for online application

Sullivan O, Gershuny J, Sevilla A, Walthery P, Vega-Rapun M

The Social Structure of Time: Emerging Trends and New Directions

Cornwell B, Gershuny J, Sullivan O


The effects of breastfeeding not just on children, but also on the mothers and employers.

The social disorganization of eating: a neglected determinant of the Australian epidemic of overweight/obesity

Bittman M, Cleary E, Wilkinson-Bibicos C, Gershuny J

Daily metabolic expenditures: estimates from US, UK and polish time-use data 

Harms T, Berrigan D, Gershuny J

Does Diary Mode Matter in Time-Use Research?

Chatzitheochari S and Mylona E

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