CTUR welcomes academic visitors working in any area of time use research, however we have limited space and staff resources to accommodate visitors. As demand to work with us often exceeds this capacity, it is imperative that all prospective visitors have a clearly defined research plan for their visit.

In the first instance, prospective visitors should follow the formal visitor application process of the Department of Sociology.

Current Visiting Members 2018

  • Prof. Daniel Gabaldon-Estevan
    University of Valencia, Spain
  • Prof. Kadri Taht
    Tallinn University, Estonia

Visitors in 2014 and 2015

  • Chris S. Payne, Office for National Statistics
  • Professor Robert D. Putnam, Harvard University
  • Irina Fernandez-Lozano, National Distance Education University (UNED)
  • Dr. Renzo Carriero, Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società, Università di Torino, Italy
  • Bjorn Gernig, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences
  • Dr. Rirong Bai, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, People's Republic of China
  • Professor Seung-Eun Cha (차승은 교수님), Department of Child, Family and Welfare, University of Suwon, Republic of Korea
  • Professor George Davis, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, USA
  • Dr. José María Fernández-Crehuet, Faculty of Justice and Social Sciences, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
  • Professor Lina Galvez Muñoz, Department of Economics, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain
  • Kamila Kolpashnikova, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Professor Heather Laurie, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, United Kingdom
  • Professor Takeshi Mizunoya (水野谷武志先生), Department of Regional Economics, Hokkai-Gakuen University, Japan