Restricted Level

Country Years Available Access Requirements
Australia 2006, 1997, 1992, 1987 To access the Australian data, researchers first must apply to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for permission to use the Confidential Unit Record Files (CURFs) for the desired time use surveys. Permission is not automatic, and researchers must make a case for access. The details are available from the ABS website under "Services we provide" (top of page navigation options). Once you acquire the original data, you can run the MTUS conversion programme on the original data to produce the MTUS version of this file.
Sweden 2000/2001, 1990/1991 This data is not widely available, and access is limited to certain academic research uses.
If granted permission, researchers agree to abide by licensing rules and to sign an agreement with Statistics Sweden. Research assistants also should read and agree to abide by the licensing rules before using the data. Direct queries about access to this data to Daniel Kruse at Statistics Sweden.
Sweden application process 2000/2001, 1990/1991 Researchers should apply for permission to use this data by submitting a brief proposal which specifies:
  • the aims of the research;
  • the intended dissemination of the results;
  • the intended use of the Swedish data;
  • which Swedish data sets the researcher wishes to use;
  • the names and qualifications of the researcher(s) as well as research assistants who will use the data;
  • the intended time table of the research.