Accessing the Data

Any researcher wishing to use the MTUS data should register as MTUS user by completing the registration form. Access is free of charge. If you are specifically interested in a restricted dataset, you still need to apply to be an MTUS user and additionally apply to the original data producers.

The MTUS is a collaborative project, and as a condition for receiving the data for free, all registered users undertake to give back to the project any improved or enhanced data files as well as the citations of publications they produce using the MTUS data. Also, all registered users must agree not to give any MTUS data to any third party under any circimstances.

Each researcher and research assistant proposing to use any element of data connected with the MTUS needs to apply separately for permission to use the data.

CTUR does not release original data files (except in limited circumstances of data that otherwise is freely available on the internet or where CTUR staff collected the data). Signing the MTUS user agreement only provides access to MTUS versions of data.

You can find out about publications that have utilised CTUR's MTUS:

We would be grateful if you let us know if you use our MTUS data in your publication/s by emailing