Professor Oriel Sullivan's biographical statement

Oriel Sullivan is Professor of Sociology of Gender in the Institute of Social Research, and Co-Director of CTUR.  She has been involved in the design of: The UK 2014-15 Harmonised European Time Use Survey; The UK Millenium Cohort age 14 Diary; and The UK Understanding Society Wave 7 Innovation Panel Diary. Her substantive research focuses on the comparative analysis of changing gender relations and inequalities, informed by cross-national trends in housework and childcare time.  She is author of Changing Gender Relations, Changing Families: Tracing the Pace of Change (Rowman & Littlefield, 2006), a theoretical and empirical investigation of the (stuttering) trend towards increasing gender equality in the domestic sphere. Recent publications include: ‘A new perspective from time use research on the effects of lockdown on COVID-19 behavioral infection risk’. PLOS ONE 2021 (with CTUR colleagues); ‘Gender inequality in work-family balance’, invited commentary for Nature Human Behaviour 2019; ‘The social structure of time: emerging trends and new directions’. Annual Review of Sociology 2019 (with B. Cornwell and J. Gershuny).   

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