Surveys Included in the Harmonised Simple File Version of the MTUS Database

All surveys in this table are included in the Harmonised File of the MTUS dataset. Two types of data files are provided: Harmonised Aggregate files (HAFs) and Harmonised Episode file (HEFs).  

HAFs offer aggregate (summary) versions of the time use surveys, where each row in the dataset reflects a record in one 24-hour time diary. The HAFs include demographic and socioeconomic information about respondents and their households alongside the aggregated time use variables. 

Harmonised Episode Files (HEF) covers episode sequence information. In the HEFs, each row represents one episode, reflecting a change of main activity/ secondary activity/ location/ computer or Internet use/ location or mode of transport, or presence of others information.  

Please download the full table by clicking on the below link.

MTUS for download