Conference name Location
19th July 2009 - 23rd July 2009 IX International Society for Quality of Life Studies Conference Florence, Italy
25th June 2009 - 26th June 2009 American Time Use Research Conference and Workshop 2009 Maryland, USA
1st December 2008 - 3rd December 2008 30th IATUR Conference: Advances in Time Use Research: Methods, Analysis & Applications Sydney, Australia
23rd September 2009 - 25th September 2009 31st IATUR Conference: New Approaches and Results in Time Use Research Lüneburg, Germany
7th July 2010 - 10th July 2010 32nd IATUR Conference: Time-Budgets and Beyond: The Timing of Daily Life Paris, France
8th March 2010 - 9th March 2010 Mobile Research Conference 2010 London, UK
17th March 2010 - 19th March 2010 2nd Workshop on Time Use Observatory Santiago, Chile
4th May 2010 - 6th May 2010 10th European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics Helsinki, Finland
5th July 2010 - 8th July 2010 4th ESRC Research Methods Festival Oxford, UK
1st August 2011 - 3rd August 2011 33rd IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Oxford, UK
20th January 2010 - 20th January 2010 Timescapes Cardiff, Wales
10th January 2010 - 14th January 2010 Transport Research Board 89th Annual Meeting Washington DC, USA
4th September 2009 - 6th September 2009 Breastfeeding: A Key Public Health Issue Canberra, Australia
29th June 2009 - 3rd July 2009 3rd European Survey Research Association Conference Warsaw, Poland
6th January 2009 - 8th January 2009 Time and Transport Workshop 2009 Santiago, Chile
11th September 2008 - 13th September 2008 16th Annual Workshop of the European Research Network on Transitions in Youth Bamberg, Germany
1st September 2008 - 5th September 2008 ISA-RC33 7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology Naples, Italy
17th October 2007 - 19th October 2007 29th IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Washington DC, USA
3rd October 2007 - 5th October 2007 Towards a New Consumer? Towards a New Consumer Policy? Helsinki, Finland
22nd August 2007 - 29th August 2007 56th Session of the International Statistical Institute Lisbon, Portugal
20th August 2008 - 24th August 2008 5th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research Istanbul, Turkey
24th August 2008 - 30th August 2008 30th IARIW General Conference Portoroz, Slovenia
25th June 2007 - 29th June 2007 2nd European Survey Research Association Conference Prague, Czech Republic
4th June 2007 - 5th June 2007 2007 International Seminar on Time Use Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
30th May 2007 - 2nd June 2007 IZA Topic Week: Nonmarket Time in Economics Bonn, Germany
29th March 2007 - 31st March 2007 Population Association of America 2007 Annual Meeting New York, USA
12th October 2006 - 12th October 2006 Seminar on Time Use Surveys
27th August 2006 - 30th August 2006 1st International African Conference on Gender, Transport and Development Port Elizabeth, South Africa
16th August 2006 - 18th August 2006 28th IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Copenhagen, Denmark
23rd June 2006 - 29th July 2006 XVI ISA World Congress of Sociology Durban, South Africa
17th July 2006 - 20th July 2006 2006 International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS) Conference Grahamstown, South Africa
30th March 2006 - 1st April 2006 Population Association of America 2006 Annual Meeting Program Los Angeles, USA
17th March 2006 - 17th March 2006 ESRC Social Science Week 2006: Technology and Gender Inequalities Cambridge, UK
6th January 2006 - 7th January 2006 2006 American Economic Association Annual Meeting Boston, USA
2nd November 2005 - 4th November 2005 27th IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
18th July 2005 - 23rd July 2005 XXV International Population Conference of the IUSSP Tours, France
17th September 2003 - 19th September 2003 25th IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Brussels, Belgium
16th October 2005 - 18th October 2005 25th IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Lisbon, Portugal
3rd October 2001 - 5th October 2001 23rd IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Oslo, Norway
7th June 2000 - 9th June 2000 22nd IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Belo Horizonte, Brazil
6th October 1999 - 8th October 1999 21st IATUR Conference on Time Use Research Colchester, UK
22nd July 2010 - 24th July 2010 International Association for Feminist Economists Buenos Aires, Argentina
7th October 2010 - 9th October 2010 Consumer Culture: between aesthetics, social distinction and ecological activism Olomouc, Czech Republic
22nd July 2010 - 25th July 2010 Everyday Life in the Segmented City Florence, Italy
25th August 2010 - 26th August 2010 International Conference on Survey Research Methodology Taipei, Taiwan
8th December 2010 - 11th December 2010 International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS) Bangkok, Thailand
15th April 2010 - 16th April 2010 14th Annual Aage Sørensen Memorial Conference Nuffield College, University of Oxford
14th November 2011 - 18th November 2011 9th International Conference Transport Survey Methods: Scoping the Future While Staying on Track Termas de Puyehue, Chile
18th November 2010 - 20th November 2010 Current Issues and Prospects of Time-Use Study in East and West Seoul, Korea
18th July 2011 - 22nd July 2011 Fourth Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) Lausanne, Switzerland