CAPTURE24 is the project name for a methodological component of the ESRC funded Collecting New Time Use Resources programme. It collected self-report day diaries from 140 respondents which were compared with simultaneously collected whole day worn camera records (an image every 45 seconds). The camera image sequences were independently coded into the same format as the selfreport diaries. Findings include (1) estimates of mean durations in the various daily activities are virtually identical in the two sources; (2) frequent errors in recall of the clock-time of start and finish times of episodes during the day from the self-report diaries are randomly distributed around the timings of paired episodes from the camera records. We also collected accelerometer records throughout the same diary day; the motion records correlate strongly with both the diary and the camera records. A full report is contained in a Sociological Methodology preprint 30 December 2019. and the Journal publication is expected during 2020. Other follow-on projects include Active Travel/Western Australian Heart Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Western Australia. Next in line is a proposal for a project using combined diary and accelerometer records from randomly selected samples to provide improved estimates of populations' physical activity levels