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Time use resources

Latest CTUR presentations and publications


Summaries of CTUR Survey & Data Work

You can read summaries of the CTUR Everyday Life UK Time Use Survey, our collaborations with the Millennium Cohort Survey time diaries, and the American Heritage Time Use Study Data Extract System in the new issue of the eIJTUR out today (all lists on the left side of our home page). Both the Everyday Life and MCS data will be available to researchers in 2016. The AHTUS data is available now.

AHTUS easier to access

The American Heritage Time Use Study now is easier to access through the new AHTUS-X data extract system - try it out!

1st analysis of MCS app & web diaries out

The MCS web diary and time diary app successfully collected comparable data to the traditional paper time diary format - read analysis of the pilot and dress rehearsal in Measuring Young People’s Time-Use in the UK Millennium Cohort Study: A Mixed-Mode Time Diary Approach

CTUR website upgrade

We are in the process of making major changes to this website that will make use of our resources simpler to use, and during this process we will expand the range of resources that we offer. Please bare with us while we make these changes. People who have made user accounts to access the MTUS or AHTUS may find that these accounts change or need to be recreated during this process.

Well done Ewa Jarosz - PhD

Congratulations Dr Ewa Jarosz, who successfully defended her time use PhD thesis: Temporal Orientations, Time Use Patterns and Social Inequality. Warsaw, Poland.