Welcome to CTUR

The Centre for Time Use Research is a world-leading, multidisciplinary research group based in the University of Oxford's Department of Sociology. Our team of researchers – which includes sociologists, economists, and demographers – work with Time Use Data to answer questions on society, work, gender, economics, and many other areas of academic interest.


Summaries of CTUR Survey & Data Work

You can read summaries of the CTUR Everyday Life UK Time Use Survey, our collaborations with the Millennium Cohort Survey time diaries, and the American Heritage Time Use Study Data Extract System in the new issue of the eIJTUR out today (all lists on the left side of our home page). Both the Everyday Life and MCS data will be available to researchers in 2016. The AHTUS data is available now.

CTUR £6 Million Research Grants

The Centre for Time Use Research has won two major research grants. The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded an ‘Advanced Grant’ of €2.5 million which will pay staff salaries and supports research into historical changes in work and leisure, and social stratification and inequality in the distribution of time. The diaries also provide evidence of whether or not the population’s enjoyment of daily activities changes in parallel with, or contrary to, GNP.