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CTUR website upgrade

We are in the process of making major changes to this website that will make use of our resources simpler to use, and during this process we will expand the range of resources that we offer. Please bare with us while we make these changes. People who have made user accounts to access the MTUS or AHTUS may find that these accounts change or need to be recreated during this process.

Artist Laurie Frick Uses MTUS

CTUR's Multinational Time Use Study has inspired Laurie Frick's recent art exhibitions - look out for further work she will present at IATUR 2015

Ashmolean Exhibition of CTUR work

On 15 May, CTUR staff entertained visitors and prompted people to think about the significance of understanding daily activities.

2014-15 UK time use survey collects enjoyment data

In April 2014, NatCen launched the fieldwork of the 2014-2015 UK national sample Harmonised European Time Use (HETUS) Survey, funded by the ESRC grant which CTUR secured! We initially put an enjoyment column in a subset of diaries, but as response rates appear better with diaries with the extra column, the remaining months of the survey will include the enjoyment column in all diaries!