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Time use resources

Latest CTUR presentations and publications


Our most expensive high profile publication

We are proud to announce our latest contribution to time use research, part of the Encyclopedia of Quality of Life which retails from US$3,717 on Amazon:

2014-15 UK time use survey in the field!

NatCen has launched the fieldwork of the 2014-2015 UK national sample Harmonised European Time Use (HETUS) Survey, funded by the ESRC grant which CTUR secured, this month! Only just over a year to wait for recent UK time use statistics!

CTUR make input to UNECE time use guidelines

CTUR Director Jonathan Gershuny and MTUS manager Kimberly Fisher are among the contributors to the newly released UNECE time use survey and statistics for policy guidelines

CTUR £6 Million Research Grants

The Centre for Time Use Research has won two major research grants. The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded an ‘Advanced Grant’ of €2.5 million which will pay staff salaries and supports research into historical changes in work and leisure, and social stratification and inequality in the distribution of time. The diaries also provide evidence of whether or not the population’s enjoyment of daily activities changes in parallel with, or contrary to, GNP.

CTUR visitor sparks Spanish media interest in time use

CTUR visitor José María Fernández-Crehuet has put CTUR back in the Spanish media in the debate over which countries Spain should choose to synchronise its clocks - Fernández-Crehuet makes the case for a switch to Greenwich Mean Time