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Latest CTUR presentations and publications


CTUR welcomes our MTUS team

CTUR proudly welcomes our new team members, Jiweon Jun, Ewa Jarosz, and Jooyeoun Suh, who will be expanding our flagship Multinational Time Use Study project

CTUR now located at 74 Woodstock Road

We are in process of setting up our new home!

2014-15 UK time use survey collects enjoyment data

In April 2014, NatCen launched the fieldwork of the 2014-2015 UK national sample Harmonised European Time Use (HETUS) Survey, funded by the ESRC grant which CTUR secured! We initially put an enjoyment column in a subset of diaries, but as response rates appear better with diaries with the extra column, the remaining months of the survey will include the enjoyment column in all diaries!

Gershuny celebrates ISER at House of Lords

CTUR Director Jonathan Gershuny spent time in distinguished company at the House of Lords on 11 June celebrating 25 years of the Institute for Social and Economic Research, of which he was director prior to leading the CTUR team. Read more

CTUR make input to UNECE time use guidelines

CTUR Director Jonathan Gershuny and MTUS manager Kimberly Fisher are among the contributors to the newly released UNECE time use survey and statistics for policy guidelines