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Summary: This User's Guide explains the development and potential for use of the MTUS. Information on other time use surveys not included in the harmonized dataset can be found elsewhere on this site.

This User Guide is publicly available. Access to the main data requires registration, and access to some included datasets is restricted and requires additional authorisation.

Authors: Kimberly Fisher, Jonathan Gershuny

With contributions from: Evrim Altintas and Anne H. Gauthier

With further contributions from:

Alyssa Borkosky, Anita Bortnik, Michael Corey, Donna Dosman, Cara Fedick, Tyler Frederick, Thomas Grund, Sally Jones, Jiweon Jun, Ladislav Kozak, Aaron Lai, Qianhan Lin, Tingting Lu, Fiona Lui, Leslie MacRae, Berenice Monna, José Ignacio Giménez Nadal, Monica Pauls, Cori Pawlak, Andrew Shipley, Cecilia Tinonin, Nuno Torres, Charlemaigne Victorino and Oi-Ching Yeung.

Full MTUS User Guide806.52 KB
Title and Table of Contents39.31 KB
Acknowledgements38.51 KB
Disclaimer31.96 KB
Introduction32.23 KB
Chapter 1: Overview of the MTUS144.92 KB
Chapter 2: Historical Development of the MTUS140.44 KB
Chapter 3: Activity Codes160.41 KB
Chapter 4: Survey and Demographic Variables178.25 KB
Chapter 5: Weights51.16 KB
Chapter 6: Analysis of Time Use Data63.89 KB
References52.91 KB
Appendix 1: Variable and Value Labels English116.5 KB
Apéndice 2: Variables y Etiquetas de Valores en Español126.26 KB
Appendix 3: Notes on Variables from Surveys Yet to be Upgraded 78.59 KB
MTUS Coding Procedures555.15 KB